Peloton’s Marketing Strategy is PURE GENIUS.

It’s a bold claim to say that Indoor Cycling Company Peloton has a GENIUS marketing strategy, but it’s the truth.

After all, they’ve gone from Zero to 3+ million (devoted) users in a matter of years!

They’ve built an almost Cult Following.

This begs the question,

Why has everyone suddenly become a super-fan of Peloton?

I can tell you this much… It was no accident!

10 years ago everyone I knew (literally, everyone!) hated spin classes and they dreaded sitting on a rock-hard saddle for 45 minutes of torture. I attended every spin class alone for the first 5 years of my spin-class addiction!

Today, people are waiting 6 months to have a Peloton dropped onto their doorstep so they can sweat it out with friends on their living room floor. Not to mention, they’re willing to fork out $2000.00+ and pay a monthly subscription fee that would be enough to feed a small family for 1 week.

What changed?

For those not familiar, Peloton was started by an entrepreneur named John Foley who had a vision to bring the traditional “Spin Class” experience into peoples homes.

He imagined an experience where riders could comfortably cue up a high energy workout at their own convenience, by using an interactive built-in TV Screen that would be attached to their own personalized indoor cycling bike.

The idea was revolutionary! Never been seen before!

It goes without question that if Peloton didn’t land on a solid Marketing Strategy, it would have gone nowhere.

Early investors turned John down, venture capitalists said “no way” when he pitched them for money, and the many skeptics outweighed the number of true believers in the first few years of John’s Peloton-Pursuit.

It wasn’t until potential customers were able to try the bike for themselves, that they began to understand why Peloton was the next big trend in fitness.

Creating an Interactive Experience allowed people to “take Peloton for a test drive” and try the bike on for size.

Instead of selling Peloton bikes through Facebook Ads, on Kickstarter or by Referral Only — Peloton decided to open showrooms in malls and in major city centers so that you could try the bike before you bought it.

Using the Principles of Experiential Marketing (XM) to share the cycling revolution was one of the first brilliant Marketing Strategies that Peloton deployed.

And that’s only the beginning…

Peloton has also tapped into various other forms of Marketing Genius in order to create a global tribe of Brand Evangelists who love their bike so much, that they’re not afraid to tell everyone they know.

  1. Peloton took a pain point of traditional spin classes (intimidation / fear of not being good enough) and made it into their Unique Selling Proposition.
    They painted a picture of safety, comfort and no judgement by showcasing their bikes in the comfort of your own home.
  2. Peloton plays on Current Themes and Relevant Subject Matter.
    Each month they take a chance to celebrate global events (like the Lunar New Year or Black History Month) and they create workout experiences that feature Popular Celebrities (like The Beatles or Avicii) to stay relevant to participate in existing conversations in their riders minds.
  3. Peloton leverages Partnerships & Collaborations!
    We’ve seen them partner with the Music Platform Spotify, as well as mega celebrity Beyoncé who they partnered with for a multi-year and multi- million dollar deal. As most of you know already, partnerships allow a company like Peloton to leverage someone else’s audience (like Beyoncé) to sell to.

Peloton has leveraged all of these strategies & more, to grow a multi-billion dollar company.

Above all, they’ve built a community of devoted and loyal fans who share their experiences both online & offline, acting as an unpaid Marketing Squad or Street Team — which any brand would be envious of.

If the conversation of Pelotons Marketing Strategy excites you, I’d like to invite you to join our FREE Masterclass, where I’ll break down Peloton’s Top 5 Marketing Strategies.

I will also share tips on how you can use these very same strategies to grow your business.

Be sure to save your seat if you’re coming,

Happy Peloton’ing!




Marketing Coach, Podcast Host, Founder of The Visionary Method

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Kelsey Reidl

Kelsey Reidl

Marketing Coach, Podcast Host, Founder of The Visionary Method

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